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Becky Herron: Graphic Artist & Website Designer

Attention to Detail, Personal Service

My name is Becky Herron, and I founded Dreamkissed Design in 2006 as a way to live my dream of being an artist in a way that helps small businesses suceed. While I've always been an artist, my professional background is in education and marketing. My experience in those fields influences my design work in powerful ways. I understand learning and communication, and use that knowledge to create memorable designs that engage both the eye and the mind.

My clients say that I'm a responsive, creative expert who can explain technical issues in plain English. The distinctive designs I create for each client stem from a passionate belief that design and presentation must complement a company's personality and purpose.

Whether your project is large or small, I'm interested. I know my clients by name, both those I see face to face, and those who live and work thousands of miles away. Whether it's an eye-catching logo, an informative brochure, an easy to use website, or simple advice on strengthening your brand, your dreams are my passion.

I Believe in Small Business

Small businesses are the heart of America and Canada. Originally based in Northwest Arkansas, not too far from Wal-Mart headquarters, I thought about pursuing work with the big, national companies located nearby – a lot of local graphic artists and marketers did. I chose instead to work with small business owners. Building relationships that stretch across international borders, and seeing the businesses I've worked with grow and succeed, is satisfying in a way that being a cog in a big wheel could never be.

Part of Your Team

Great design and copy writing comes from collaboration and sometimes even a little friction. Occasionally the first draft hits the nail on the head, but more often it takes at least one revision to make the final product shine. Together we make a great team:

  • You, as an expert in your field.
  • Me, offering suggestions for better results.

That's why I offer unlimited revisions within the scope of each project. I'm not happy until the finished product is one I'm proud to put my name on, and you're proud to call your own.

What Can I Do for You?

The beauty of being a small business, working for small businesses, means that Dreamkissed is flexible enough to meet your needs.

Graphic Design

  • Logo design
  • Business cards, letterhead, and envelopes (Identity packages)
  • Brochures
  • Advertisements for magazines
  • Posters
  • Presentation packages

Web Design

  • Websites built on HTML +CSS architecture
  • Content Management System websites
  • Online stores
  • Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Generate more business through your website by following SEO best practices and optimizing your website through keywords. Dreamkissed Design will work with you as a partner to achieve results over the long-term. We'll work with you in a way that works for you!

Contact me today to learn more.

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My Clients: Who They Are & What They Say

Dreamkissed clients are small businesses, mostly with fewer than 20 employees, and many one-man or one-woman operations. Some are just starting, and others are updating their look to match the company they've grown into. They all have one thing in common -- they know they need to present an image that's at least as strong as their competitors, no matter how big those competitors are.

Website Design for Cedar Homes of Washington

Cedar Homes of Washington was my first paying client, with a small graphic design project I did in 2005 (even before I founded Dreamkissed!). Seven years later, her log home business in Washington State has survived the housing slump and recession that began in 2008. That's about when I built her website, which she tells me has been her biggest lead source. She says:

If you are considering working with Becky Herron of Dreamkissed Design, I would like to offer my wholehearted endorsement of her services.

Our company has been selling pre-cut cedar home kits in Seattle, WA for over 20 years. There are several national cedar home manufacturers that our customers can shop. Additionally, our targeted market is computer savvy and internet research is the norm. Therefore, it is critical that we maintain a professional, competitive website.

We have had an internet presence for 10+ years. Since Becky has redesigned our website, we now have an internet impact. Although we are very satisfied with Becky's work, it is our customers who are the real judge of our new website. Comments like "very professional," "informative," and "timely" are just a few of the responses we have heard. Perhaps the most revealing customer response has been, "Why didn't you do this sooner?"

By all accounts, the new website is a huge success. However, the website is not the whole story. In our business, we tell customers to choose a builder that they can communicate with. A customer may find a cheaper price, but if the project doesn't come together (in the way they want), they will always regret their decision. Becky has the technical and creative experience to do the job right. She also has a unique ability to communicate "techno-speak" in layman's terms. Our project was completed in a timely manner and within budget.

Please feel free to call me personally if I can answer any questions for you. Better yet, visit our website at: and see what Becky has done for our customers.


Judy Flanagan
Vice President

A few days later, she sent me this:

I had to share my good news – and my appreciation. This last week, our website has come up #1 on Google when you enter the search words "cedar homes."

Thank you! We get leads from our website every day!

Logo, Website & Brochure for All Pets Animal Hospital

All Pets is a veterinary clinic located in Bentonville, Arkansas. In 2010, I updated their logo and set up a new website for their business. Since then, I've also created a brochure and several small graphics, and made quite a few additions to their website. Here's what Lorrie, their office manager and my primary contact, has to say:

When I finally admitted to myself that our company website was dated and ineffective, I began interviewing professional design companies. And there are plenty!

I knew we wanted our finished website to represent who we are; I knew we wanted certain features included; I knew what my budget was. And I knew I wanted to work with someone who understood all that and had the expertise to deliver.

Becky, at Dreamkissed Design, was the first web designer who really listened to what I wanted, told me how we could get there together, had the technical chops to get the job done, and gave me an accurate bid that fit within my budget.

When I decided it was time to redesign our company logo, again she delivered. And when it's time to upgrade our company brochure, I already know who I'm calling.

I put off redesigning our website for months longer than I should have because I dreaded the process so much. Had I known it would go this smoothly, I would have done it sooner. Working with Becky was an absolute pleasure.

Logo, Business Cards, Posters and More for The Green Cart Deli

The Green Cart Deli is one of the most successful startups I've ever worked with. They're a solar-powered, gourmet, mobile hotdog stand based in Conway, Arkansas. Founded in 2010, owner Brad Kossover has already built a second cart, opened a warehouse, and won several awards. I designed their logo first, then business cards, menu, and several posters, as well as a punch-card BINGO game. Every few months, as his menu changes and his business grows, we get to do a new project together.

One of the issues that was important to Brad was to use "green printing" whenever possible. I did my best to support him in that, not only for the earth, but also because it's so important to his brand identity. He says:

I spent several weeks searching for a graphic design firm and during the process was surprised to learn most do not consider green printing an important part of doing business. In fact, some firms tried their best to talk me out of it and it seemed their reasoning was due to the fact, they just didn't know much about it.

When I found Becky and Dreamkissed Design, I was delighted with her knowledge of current green printing practices and its importance in today's business world, not to mention her amazing creative energy!

Thank you Becky for your knowledge, being responsible and for helping me with my overall business goals.

Logo, Business Card, Website, Brochure & Trade Show Graphics for Arkansas Wind & Solar

Arkansas Wind & Solar is a solar panel and wind turbine seller and installer, based in Prairie Grove, Arkansas. I started working with owner Rudy Timmerman on his logo, and over time also created trade show graphics, a brochure, and a website for his business. He says:

I chose Dreamkissed Design because I was looking for a quick turnaround, and Becky quickly came up aith a plan and schedule of how we could make it happen. The Logo, Brochure, and Trade show artwork that Becky came up with was excellent. A truly professional job, even under the pressure of my tight schedule. Becky delivered a quality product on time (actually early), and was very pleasant to work with.

Website for We Do Floors

We Do Floors is an stone floor restoration company based in Orlando, Florida (the housing market crash in Florida hit him hard, and he's since gone out of business). Owner Al Schulze needed some changes and updates made to his Joomla website. Here's what he said after the work was done:

What I was most impressed with was how fast Becky Herron of DreamKissed Design was able to upgrade our current website and put together a company logo within a few working days. Our website had no down time at all. Her knowledge & understanding of Joomla and how it works was what sold us on using her services. "She Just Gets It." I'd highly recommend DreamKissed Design for all your Website needs and we're looking forward in the near future working with Becky again.

Feedback from A Colleague

Daniel Frank is a 3D designer and programmer who works for a well-known animation company. We've collaborated on several personal projects and business ideas. He says:

Becky is a talented, committed designer. She does not provide mere products, but offers complete solutions, along with a continuing personal relationship with each of her clients. Her personality is unique, allowing her to put less tech-savvy clients at ease. Her creative work is direct, but also layered with subtleties which add to their power. She pays very close attention to detail, and is continually adding to her repertoire of industry knowledge and software skills. On a personal note, she has taught me things about search engine optimization that only industry specialists know, and has enabled my site to top the search engine lists.

Logo for Theresa Lomperski

Theresa is a feng-shui consultant in the Minneapolis area. I designed her logo, based on a concept she'd already created. She says:

The new logo was a perfect representation of our telephone and email discussions. You clearly have a strong intuitive sense and used it to help me convey my business look and feel. Thank you so very much!

Online Banner Graphics for Amelie's Attic

I did a set of graphics for her online store -- I think maybe she liked them. She said:

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They look fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!!! You are amazing.

Logo, Identity Package, Copy-writing, Brochure & Website for McLeskey Consulting

Michele McLeskey opened her consulting business in 2011, and has been very successul thus far. I designed her logo, worked with her to choose a set of images and colors to form a consistent identity, and then created her website and brochure. She needed some biographical pieces written for publications and groups she's involved with, so I interviewed her to gather content, and then wrote those for her in addition to doing the copy-writing for her brochure and website. You can tell from her comments, as we put the finishing touches on her website, that she's quite enthusiastic and energetic!

I love the changes! Roll this baby out today if possible!!

Thank you for all your help. I have been getting the most amazing feedback on the website and I am spreading your name right and left!

Thank you so very much, I am so pleased. Truly, I count you among my blessings every day!

Website for The Tribute at Pinnacle Country Club

This was a unique project, in that the group needed a website they could edit, with no software to update or maintain. Chairman Brent Henry had started the website with the Website Tonight tool associated with their Godaddy account, so we decided to use that. This tool is meant for non-techie people, but he opted to have me build it to save a little time and have a more professional-looking final product. He says:

As the Committee Chairman, of THE TRIBUTE in honor of Mr. Red Hudson at Pinnacle CC, I was charged with improving our website. However, I know nothing about building or improving a website. We turned to Becky at Dreamkissed.

After an introductory phone call she took control of our situation and began solving our needs over the phone and via email. I never had to leave my office. Becky made the process easy. Most importantly her work product was outstanding she met and exceeded all of our committee's expectations.

We gave her a timeline to finish our website and she came in ahead of schedule. On all fronts she was outstanding to deal with. I would highly recommend Becky and Dreamkissed for any website work.